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I’ll work with you to find the best investment property and with the best great profit profile to fit your needs. The process to purchase, to fix if necessary, and return to the market for sale (flipping homes) or for lease income. I am partnered with Property management to provide high-quality service to serve you to manage your investment property.


Multifamily investing can be a great starting point for new investors.

Selling a multi-family home is substantially more complex than selling a single-family home.  One of the top reasons why selling a multi-family is generally more complex is because it typically involves more people than just the one owner of a single-family home. When selling a multi-family home, it’s very important to have financial documents readily available for prospective buyers.  Since multi-family homes are often purchased as an investment, having the financial documents available can be extremely helpful for potential buyers.

For the buyer multi-family, the most important financial document that should be readily available when selling a multi-family home is the yearly net operating figures.  This document shows a potential income from monthly rents and subtracts out the expenses of the property, such as yearly homeowners’ insurance, yearly refuse, yearly water usage, and any repairs that have been completed recently.

I will be walking with you and with a team to do my best for your acquisition or disposition so that it will go perfectly and smoothly.

Investment and Acquisition

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