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For commercial properties, you need to start by mean identifying the need for the properties and inspecting their value to your business.

• Evaluate the Property - Identify the property strengths and weaknesses.

• Best Use - Determine the best use for the property to obtain maximum and optimal value

  • Market Analysis - Identify property comps, perform strength /weakness analysis, identify current trends

  • Find the best location for your business or for your future tenant.

  • Normally the commercial is long term lease. That requires more care to finding the best tenant.



What are you looking for multi-family, office space, warehouse, and others?  What are you looking for? That is the first step to do work in the acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate.

  • Many Options Available

  • Knowledgeable of what is needs for each one

  • Wants Facts & Data

  • Pride of Ownership – EGO

  • Good Negotiator

  • Owns Other Properties

  • Motivation? (1031 Exchange)

    1. 1031 Exchange – 45/180 Days the is timeline needs to be respected for the best result.


For Commercial Acquisition and Disposition, you need to know what will work with you in this process. Together we will break down what you want/need and I appreciate the opportunity to assist you in this process.


I will help you to find the best location whether it is for a new business opportunity or to expand your current business. It is important to not only locate properties that fit you need but to ensure it is in the correct location that will allow your business to prosper. This is of great value in this field.

Commercial Real Estate

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